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Replacement Mongoose Scooter Battery Charger Premium XLR Charger 24V 2A

Scooter Battery Charger 24V 2A for Mongoose Electric Scooter with 3-Pin XLR Connector

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New Replacement Mongoose Scooter Battery Charger 24V 2A with 3-Pin XLR Connector, USA Standard. Premium XLR Charger Faster Charge than 24V 1A and 24V 1.5A. Hi-Quality Compatible Battery Charger works for most of Mongoose Electric Scooter Models Using 24V XLR Connector.


24V 2Amp Battery Charger for Mongoose Electric Scooter with 3-Pin XLR Connector USA Standard

Manufacturer: 3rd Party

Input: AC100-120V (50/60Hz 1.5A)
Output:  DC 24V 2A
Power: 48W Max

DC Connector size:  Male 3-Pin XLR

Outlet: USA 2-prong cord included.

Status Display to show you if the battery is fully charged or not.

Short Circuit Protection.  Full 12 months warranty!!

Compatible Part Number:

Compatible Model:

Mongoose IMPACT Electric Scooter

Mongoose M150 Electric Scooter

Mongoose M200 Electric Scooter

Mongoose M250 Electric Scooter

Mongoose M300 Electric Scooter

Mongoose M350 Electric Scooter

Mongoose M500 Electric Scooter

Mongoose COSMIC Electric Scooter

Mongoose FUSION Electric Scooter

Mongoose HORNET FS Electric Scooter

Mongoose mini-e Electric Scooter

Mongoose ROCKET FS Electric Scooter

Mongoose Z350 Electric Scooter

Faster Charger. PLUS MANY MORE!

Additional Information:

Mongoose is part of the Currie Technologies family of products. With so many different styles available, Mongoose is able to offer scooters in a variety of price ranges without compromising quality. We offer the highest quality components to maximize the continued high performance of your Mongoose scooter.

Scooter Battery Charger Guide:

1. Always plug battery charger into scooter or bike before plugging into wall outlet. When charging is complete unplug charger from wall outlet before unplugging from scooter or bike.

2. To get the most life out of your scooter's batteries, recharge them immediately after every ride, even very small rides. Leaving a scooter battery in a partially discharged state for any amount of time lowers the useful life of the battery.

3. When a scooter is in storage, recharge the batteries at least every 3 months. The Amperage of the battery charger may be decreased for longer battery life, or increased for a quicker recharge time.

4. To preserve the life of the batteries use a slow rate battery charger whenever possible. If a scooter is driven for more than one battery cycle per day then using a smaller battery charger overnight, and a larger battery charger during the day is the best solution.

5. Do not use battery chargers with a higher Amp rating than the electric scooters original battery charger. These quick rate battery chargers are typically rated in the 3 Amp through 6 Amp power output range and recharge most electric scooter battery packs in 2-3 hours, however they will slightly lower the longevity of the battery pack when compared to using a slow rate battery charger.


Good service!Review by Breenda
The first unit received did not work. When I e-mailed the company they immediately sent a replacement. I was very pleased with the response and quick action I received. The new unit operates flawlessly. (Posted on 4/14/11)

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