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Replacement HP Pavilion DV2 AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A

Replacement HP Pavilion DV2 Series Laptop AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A

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New Replacement HP Pavilion DV2 Series Laptop AC Adapter 65Watt 18.5V 3.5A with 4.8*1.7mmB Yellow Plug, 3-Prong Cord included. Hi-Quality Compatible 65Watt Battery Charger works for HP Pavilion dv2-1000 Series Notebook PC and more.


Replacement HP Pavilion DV2 Series AC Adapter 18.5V 3.5A
Original HP Pavilion DV2 AC Adapter also available.

Manufacturer: 3rd Party

Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC18.5V 3.5A
Power: 65W Max

Outlet: 3-Prong

DC Connecter (Barrel) size:
Internal Diameter: 1.7mm
External Diameter: 4.8mm

Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord.

Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!

Full 12 months warranty!!


Compatible Part Number:

Compatible Model:

HP Pavilion DV2 Series:
dv2-1000, dv2-1020CA, dv2-1200,
HP Pavilion dv2-1000, dv2-1000eo, dv2-1000ep,
HP Pavilion dv2-1001au, dv2-1001ax, dv2-1001eg,
HP Pavilion dv2-1001et, dv2-1001xx, dv2-1002au,

HP Pavilion dv2-1002ax, dv2-1002xx, dv2-1003au,
HP Pavilion dv2-1003ax, dv2-1004au, dv2-1004ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1005au, dv2-1005ax, dv2-1005ee,

HP Pavilion dv2-1005ei, dv2-1006au, dv2-1006ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1007au, dv2-1007ax, dv2-1008au,
HP Pavilion dv2-1008ax, dv2-1009au, dv2-1009ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1010au, dv2-1010ax, dv2-1010ea,
HP Pavilion dv2-1010ed, dv2-1010el, dv2-1010eo,
HP Pavilion dv2-1010ep, dv2-1010et, dv2-1010ez,

HP Pavilion dv2-1010la, dv2-1011au, dv2-1011ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1012au, dv2-1012ax, dv2-1013ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1014au, dv2-1014ax, dv2-1015ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1015ee, dv2-1015ei, dv2-1016ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1017ax, dv2-1018ax, dv2-1019ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1020ax, dv2-1020ca, dv2-1020eb,

HP Pavilion dv2-1020ed, dv2-1020ef, dv2-1020el,
HP Pavilion dv2-1020ep, dv2-1020er, dv2-1020es,
HP Pavilion dv2-1020et, dv2-1020la, dv2-1021ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1022ax, dv2-1023ax, dv2-1023ef,
HP Pavilion dv2-1024ax, dv2-1024ca, dv2-1025ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1025ee, dv2-1025es, dv2-1026ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1027ax, dv2-1027ca, dv2-1028ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1028ca, dv2-1029ax, dv2-1030ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1030ea, dv2-1030ed, dv2-1030el,

HP Pavilion dv2-1030en, dv2-1030eo, dv2-1030es,
HP Pavilion dv2-1030ew, dv2-1030us, dv2-1031ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1032ax, dv2-1033ax, dv2-1033cl,

HP Pavilion dv2-1035ea, dv2-1035er, dv2-1039wm,
HP Pavilion dv2-1040eb, dv2-1040ef, dv2-1040eo,
HP Pavilion dv2-1040et, dv2-1040ew, dv2-1043ca,

HP Pavilion dv2-1044ca, dv2-1050eg, dv2-1050en,
HP Pavilion dv2-1050es, dv2-1050ew, dv2-1070eg,
HP Pavilion dv2-1080en, dv2-1090eg, dv2-1090eo,

HP Pavilion dv2-1100, dv2-1100eg, dv2-1100eo,
HP Pavilion dv2-1101au, dv2-1101ax, dv2-1102au,
HP Pavilion dv2-1102ax, dv2-1103au, dv2-1104au,

HP Pavilion dv2-1105ee, dv2-1105eo, dv2-1106au,
HP Pavilion dv2-1106ax, dv2-1107au, dv2-1107ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1110br, dv2-1110ec, dv2-1110ef,

HP Pavilion dv2-1110el, dv2-1110eo, dv2-1110er,
HP Pavilion dv2-1110es, dv2-1110et, dv2-1110ez,
HP Pavilion dv2-1110us, dv2-1111ax, dv2-1112au,

HP Pavilion dv2-1113ax, dv2-1115ea, dv2-1115ee,
HP Pavilion dv2-1115ef, dv2-1116ax, dv2-1117ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1117ee, dv2-1118ax, dv2-1119ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1120ax, dv2-1120br, dv2-1120ed,
HP Pavilion dv2-1120ef, dv2-1120eg, dv2-1120el,
HP Pavilion dv2-1120eo, dv2-1121ax, dv2-1121ea,

HP Pavilion dv2-1122ax, dv2-1123ax, dv2-1124ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1125ax, dv2-1125ea, dv2-1125ee,
HP Pavilion dv2-1126ax, dv2-1127ea, dv2-1130eb,

HP Pavilion dv2-1130eo, dv2-1130es, dv2-1131ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1132ax, dv2-1133ax, dv2-1134ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1134nr, dv2-1136ax, dv2-1137ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1140ed, dv2-1140en, dv2-1140eo,
HP Pavilion dv2-1140es, dv2-1144ca, dv2-1160ed,
HP Pavilion dv2-1199us, dv2-1201au, dv2-1201ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1202au, dv2-1203au, dv2-1203ax,
HP Pavilion dv2-1204ax, dv2-1205ax, dv2-1206au,
HP Pavilion dv2-1206ax, dv2-1209au, dv2-1209ax,

HP Pavilion dv2-1210ax,
HP Pavilion dv2z, dv2z-1100

Plus Many More!

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Great for travel!Review by carmelo reyes
I bought this charger after why other one wore out . When I got it, I didn't realize it wold be short in length. It ended up working out though, because when I packed it on vacation, it ended up saving a lot of room! I didn't feel like it was any flimsier than my previous cord, though. Perfect for travel! (Posted on 3/4/12)
Great product - Great savingsReview by whytney gott
After pricing the cost at HP, I did a search for alternatives at lower cost. Found this at Chargerbuy.com. Big savings and worked perfectly. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/27/11)
Great service!Review by Stephen Melvin
Product was exactly what I expected, came in a timely manner (3 days) I plan on using this company again in the future if need. (Posted on 4/27/11)

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