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Original Delta Acer AK.065AP.013 65Watt AC Adapter 19V 3.42A Charger

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Original Delta Acer AK.065AP.013 65Watt AC Adapter 19V 3.42A with Cord

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New Original Delta Acer AK.065AP.013 65W AC Adapter 19V 3.42A with 5.5*1.7mm plug, 3-Prong Cord included. Compatible with acer laptops, Hi-Quality 19Volt AC Battery Charger. The charger can be used worldwide, so take it with you anywhere you go. Warranty & Fast Shipping


Original Delta eMachines D Series 65Watt AC Adapter 19V 3.42A for Delta eMachines D Series

Manufacturer: Delta Electronics Inc.

Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 3.42A
Power: 65W Max

Outlet: 3-Prong

DC Connecter (Barrel) size:  
   Internal Diameter: 1.7mm 
    External Diameter: 5.5mm

Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord.

Genuine New Delta Product, 100% OEM Compatible!!

Full 12 months warranty!!

Attention: Delta, Hipro, LiteOn, Chicony Electronics are official (OEM) Original Equipment Manufactures of Delta eMachines laptop chargers.

Compatible Part Number:

AP.06501.007 (AP06501007), AP.06501.008 (AP06501008), AP.06501.009 (AP06501009), AP.06501.010 (AP06501010), AP.06501.013 (AP06501013), ADP-65JH DBX, AP.0650A.012,  SFB055518, Delta ADP-65JH DB,  AK.065AP.013
Plus many more!
Please do not mix up with another adapter with the same model number but different connector size, please check carefully the connector's measurement of your adapter.

Compatible Model:

eMachines ER1400, ER1401, ER1402
eMachines E Series E440, E442, E443, E520, E525, E527, E528, E529, E620, E625, E627, E644G, E720, E725, E732
eMachines D Series D442, D443, D525, D528, D620, D728, D732, D732Z

Acer Aspire R1600, R3600, R3610, R3700, Z1650,
Acer Revo RL70, RL100,
Acer Veriton N260G, N281G, N282G, Z290G, Z291G,

Gateway Notebook PC Modes:
MC73, MC78,
MD24, MD26, MD73, MD78,
NV40, NV44, NV48,
NV52, NV53, NV54, NV56, NV58, NV59,NV5900, 
NV73, NV78, NV79, NV7900,
TC73, TC74,TC78, TC79,

Gateway Nv40 Nv44 Nv48 Nv51 Nv52 Nv53 Nv53a Nv54 Nv55 Nv55c Nv55h Nv55s Nv56 Nv58 Nv59 Nv59c Nv73 Nv73a Nv78 Nv79 Nv79c; Nv55s03u Nv55s04u Nv55s09u Nv55s15u Nv57h20u Nv57h44u Nv57h50u

Gateway Nv50a16u Nv5214u Nv5215u Nv55c54u Nv55s02u Nv55s05u Nv55s07u Nv55s14u Nv55s17u Nv55s19u Nv55s20u Nv55s24u Nv57h15u Nv57h17u Nv57h34u Nv57h37u Nv57h43u Nv57h48u Nv57h77u Nv7310u Nv75s06u Nv75s17u Nv77h18u Nv77h19u Nv77h20u Nv7802u

Gateway Ne51 Ne51b Ne51b10u Ne51b14u; Ne56 Ne56r Ne56r10u Ne56r11u Ne56r12u Ne56r31u Ne56r34u; Ne71 Ne71b Ne71b06u; Nv55 Nv55s Nv55s36u; Nv57h101u Nv57h103u Nv57h96u Nv57h99u

Gateway Nv73 Nv7316u; Nv73a Nv73a04u Nv73a06u Nv73a08u Nv73a17u; Nv79 Nv7921u Nv7915u; Nv79c Nv79c50u; Nv53 Nv5385u; Nv53a Nv53a52u

Gateway Id47 Id47h Id47h02u Id47h03u Id47h06u Id47h07u; Lt40 Lt4004u Lt4008u Lt4009u Lt4010u; Nv51 Nv51b Nv51b25u Nv5105u Nv51b08u Nv51b05u Nv51b15u Nv51b19u Nv51b20u Nv51b35u; Nv52 Nv52l Nv52l06u; Nv55 Nv55s Nv55s03u Nv55s13u Nv55s22u; Nv57 Nv57h Nv57h26u Nv57h45u Nv57h46u Nv57h48u Nv57h54u Nv57h57u Nv57h58u Nv57h73u; Nv77 Nv77h Nv77h05u Nv77h21u Nv77h23u

Gateway Nv44 Nv4402u; Nv49 Nv49c Nv49c06u Nv49c07u; Nv50 Nv50a Nv50as02u; Nv53 Nv53a Nv53a88u; Nv58 Nv5820u; Nv59 Nv5929u Nv5943u; Nv59c Nv59c56u Nv59c57u Nv59c63u Nv59c65u Nv59c69u Nv59c70u Nv59c72u Nv59c73u; Nv75 Nv75s Nv75s02u

Gateway Lt40 Ne56 Ne56r Ne71 Ne71b Nv51 Nv51b Nv52 Nv52l Nv55 Nv55s Nv56 Nv56r Nv57 Nv57h Nv75 Nv75s ; Lt4008u Ne56r10u Ne56r11u Ne56r12u Ne56r13u Ne56r15u Ne56r16u Ne56r27u Ne56r37u Ne71b03u Ne71b07u Nv51b35u Nv52l08u Nv52l15u Nv55s28u Nv56r06u Nv56r10u Nv56r14u Ne56r35u Nv57h96u Nv75s26u

Gateway Nv40, Nv44, Nv48, Nv51, Nv52, Nv53, Nv53a, Nv54, Nv55c, Nv56, Nv58, Nv59, Nv59c, Nv73, Nv73a, Nv78, Nv79, Nv79c, Tc73, Tc74, Tc78, Tc79

Gateway Ec54 Ec58 Ec38 Id58 Id59c Lt32 Mc73 Mc78 Md24 Md26 Md73 Ak.065ap.015 Ak.065ap.013

Gateway Nv5378u Nv5915u Nv5917u Nv5918u Nv5921u Nv5922u Nv5923u Nv5925u Nv5926u Nv5927u Nv5928u Nv5929u Nv5930u Nv5931u Nv5932u Nv5933u Nv5934u Nv5935u Nv5936u Nv5937u Nv5940u Nv7316u Nv7800u Nv7802u

Gateway Nv55 Nv55c Nv55c15u Nv55s22u Nv55c25u Nv55c28u Nv55c29u Nv55c30u Nv55c31u Nv55c32u Nv55c33u Nv55c34u Nv55c35u Nv55c38u Nv55c39u Nv55c44u Nv55c48u Nv55c49u Nv55c53u Nv55c56u Nv55c57u

Gateway Nv54 Nv5425u Nv5470u; Id49c; Id58 Id5815h-ca; Id59c Id59c03u Id59c04u; Ec54 Ec5412u; Ec58 Ec5801u Ec5802u; Lt32 Lt3201u

Gateway Nv5302u Nv5321h Nv-5331u Nv5332u Nv-5333u Nv5334u Nv-5336u Nv-5337u Nv-5356u Nv5362u Nv-5369zu Nv-5370u Nv-5373u Nv-5376u Nv-5378u Nv-5380u Nv-5381u Nv-5212u Nv-5213u Nv-5214u Nv-5215u Nv-5216u
Plus Many More!

Additional Information:

ChargerBuy.com will be your one-stop shop for eMachines AC Adapters. If you have lost or misplaced your  eMachines  Laptop Charger, then look no further for a replacement. At ChargerBuy.com WebStore, we have an enormous selection of eMachines  Laptop AC/DC Adapters. You can be sure to find the eMachines AC Adapter you need at low cost, Quick response and support. All of the eMachines Laptop Chargers you will find at ChargerBuy.com webStore are Brand New OEM Equivalent and guaranteed to meet or exceed original eMachines AC Adapter specifications.


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